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    Product FAQ

Bigger chainsaws work for cutting wide tree trunks, but not for cutting brands around 3-4 inch diameter. They are also heavy, if not clumsy with the long cord that we need to carry with it and find a power plug.

This is why mini chainsaws were born. Their little size lets us work in small spaces that no traditional chainsaw can.

The pruners often require much users’ labour to tightly press the handles together in order to make just a cut. This is inefficient in trimming and cutting many tree brands at a time.

With Taranzy’s featherweight 2 pound, 15-inch-long cordless chainsaw, you can finish more work in less time and enjoy it more.

Our handheld chainsaw is powered by a 21V, 2.0Ah high-energy lithium battery that lasts around 45 mins, longer than most batteries in the market. It takes just 2 hours to fully charge.

Our Certified Mini Chain Saw comes with an ergonomic design and a security switch that provides double protection against accidental start and a 90° splash guard baffle. All items are gone through rigorous quality testing after production.

We install the extra chain brake to ensure it works like a charm! The chain stops precisely for more safety and accurate cut.

The mini chainsaw has 19 ft/s super high chain speed which can cut through a 5" thick branch in only 5 second.

Its powerful pure copper motor allows even the tiniest girl to take a tree down like butter!

It’s the beast for fast trimming trees, logging & pruning branches, gardening, harvesting and DIY projects!

The combo includes

✅ 1 x Premium Chainsaw

✅ 1 x 6 inch Chain Plate (Guide Plate)

✅ 2 x Chains

✅ 2 x 21V Lithium ion Batteries

✅ 1 x Charger

✅ 1 x Quality Storage & Carry Box

✅ 1 x Super Easy to Read and Detailed Manual Instruction

✅ 1x Screwdriver & 1 x Oil Bottle (empty)

🎁 Bonus 1x Protective Gloves and 1x Goggles

   Operating FAQ

It works with trimming tree branches, cutting logs, home improvement projects, DIY

Yes, it is!

There are more clear instructions in the manual. Basically just plug the charger’s cord into the battery jack and connect to power. Red light indicates it’s charging and green light indicates the charging is completed!

Watch demonstration here How to Charge Taranzy Mini Chainsaw's Battery

This mini wood cutting chainsaw is quite easy to set up and use. You will have an easy to read user manual coming with it that explains clearly this process with photos. It's important that the chain is not too loose or tight.

Watch demonstration here How To Replace Taranzy's Chainplate (Guideplate)

Watch demonstration here How To Oil Taranzy Mini Chainsaw.

Watch demonstration here Video Instruction - Full

   Order FAQ

We have 30 days Satisfaction Guarantee on Amazon!

Yes. You can order our product through, and have Amazon shipped to your country address if it’s eligible.

We enjoy Amazon’s world class delivery options including Same-Day Delievery, One-Day Delivery, Two-Day Delivery...

Sometimes the product can be ordered in advance but not shipped immediately. This is because Amazon transfers our stocks to their different fulfillment centers, and also our mini chainsaws are sold out fairly quick.

Just let us know if you need help with your order

Purchase from TARANZY with Peace of Mind - Customer Satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We provide 12 months guarantee for our Mini Chainsaw 6 Inch Cordless, and a state-of-the-art after-sales service and technical support.

At this time, TARANZY is only available online!