Mini Electric Chainsaw | Small Handheld Chainsaw | Taranzy
Mini Electric Chainsaw | Small Handheld Chainsaw | Taranzy
Mini Electric Chainsaw | Small Handheld Chainsaw | Taranzy
Small Handheld Chainsaw
6 Inch Mini Chainsaw
Mini Electric Chainsaw
Mini Electric Chainsaw
Mini Electric Chainsaw | Small Handheld Chainsaw | Taranzy
Mini Electric Chainsaw | Small Handheld Chainsaw | Taranzy
Mini Electric Chainsaw | Small Handheld Chainsaw | Taranzy
Mini Electric Chainsaw | Small Handheld Chainsaw | Taranzy
Small Handheld Chainsaw
6 Inch Mini Chainsaw
Mini Electric Chainsaw
Mini Electric Chainsaw

"This product is light and easy to use, even for women. I'm glad I purchased"


Taranzy 2024 6 Inch Cordless mini Chainsaw, Battery operated Mini Chainsaw with Auto oil and Easy tensioner.


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The Legendary Mini Chainsaw That Empowers You! ✨

  • With 2X 1500mAh ,21V High Quality lithium Batteries
  • Pure Copper motor for high performance
  • Safety switch to prevent Accidental Start 
  • 18 Months Warranty
  • Advanced Auto oil Lubrication System

Fast Shipping (2-4 days)

14-Days Money Back Guarantee

Ships From USA

Easy Returns

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"This product is light and easy to use, even for women. I'm glad I purchased"


Tested and Trusted by Many

I love it

It is my first and its great. It is easy for me to use. It doesn't shake you too hard and the safety button is perfect. I have used it for an entire fence row and it cuts great.

Chasity Velazquez
Review from

Great Buy

Haven’t used it yet, but I’m looking forward to using it. This will be easy for anyone to use.

Tana Brewer
Review from

Good service!

This product is light and easy to use, even for women. I'm glad I purchased

Review from

Love this little chainsaw, great customer service!

Great little chainsaw, i was shocked at how well it does the job, I did need a part and i emailed customer service and Mia Kukura was great, got part fast, she checked in a month later to make sure everything was working well. Great customer service!

John Dutton
Review from

A wonderful tool for the yard!

We love this mini chainsaw. It's perfect for yardwark and trimming trees. So handy, so lightweight, so easy to use. And, it's not made in China. We love it!

J. Edward Kurtz
Review from

Lightweight Wonder!

This little saw works better than expected for it's size. I love how easy it is to handle & the included safety cover over the blade. It makes trimming the hedges fun! Thanks for a great product.

Donutmail -
Review from

Arrived on time

We are camping and have a smokeless fire-pit but need to cut fire logs in half so their not too long to put in fire-pit. Chainsaw is light and does the job.

Review from

Perfect home warming gift for DIYers!

Take it from a woman - this is the perfect size blade for pruning and jobs that are bigger than clippers or hand saws but not as intimidating as a full size chainsaw! It would make the perfect addition to the mountaineering gear box or a survivalist emergency supply box. Recommend it!

Jessica Hoffman - Denver, Colorado -
Review from

Well worth it!

Very Easy to Use and powerful! Perfect for trimming branches shrubs etc. Comes with two batteries so you'll have plenty of juice. Even comes with a carrying case to keep everything organized.

Review from

Great machine

This is one of my best product buying decision I've ever made. It is compact and very powerful. It helps to complete my garden duty with ease.

McAdom -
Review from

Pretty nifty

Came early and is the perfect lightweight chainsaw

Courtluvv -
Review from

Easy of handling. I’m. 77 years young

Patricia Chick - Reno, NV USA -
Review from

Looks great.

I just received the Taranzy “6-Inch Mini Chainsaw.” I read through the instruction manual and handled it in my hands and it feels lightweight, yet solid. I ordered it because of its size, two battery packs and black (non-chrome) industrial design. I’m going to try the Mini Chainsaw in a few minutes and I’ll update my further impressions of this tool. Stay tuned.

Jean-Jacques Paravisini -
Review from

Wow! loved by most men everywhere

Add to previous review.... one of the good things about this is he said it runs quite a long time on just one charge & is safe enough for his kids to use with adult supervision & his kids are 6-12 years of age.

NinaJ - Church Ministry Assistant | HUNTSVILLE, AR -
Review from


Product Specifications

Discover seamless cutting with TARANZY's vibrant orange chainsaw. Ultra-light and powered by a copper motor, it's designed for durability and extended use with two lithium-ion batteries. Ready out of the box with all accessories included, it promises efficiency and precision for any project. Grab yours and experience the difference in every cut.

Redefining Cutting Efficiency

Experience unmatched cutting power with the Taranzy MA2 6 Inch mini chainsaw. It's a groundbreaking tool that makes cutting easier and more efficient. Designed with precision and made for maximum convenience, this chainsaw is at the forefront of modern technology. (1).gif__PID:b5c0ac22-a8cb-4986-9640-c537aa92b52e

Taranzy MA2 Chainsaw in action!

Why Everyone Loves Our MA2 Chain Saw ✨


Effortless Maneuverability

Experience unparalleled ease in handling due to its featherweight design, making it easy to carry and use in various settings without strain or fatigue. It weighs only 2 Pounds.


Robust Pure Copper Motor

Our Mini Chainsaw features a robust pure copper motor designed for high-speed performance.. With a chain speed of 19 ft/s, this chainsaw makes quick work of any cutting task. The motor's durability ensures a long-lasting tool that can tackle various applications with ease.


 2X High Quality Lithium Batteries

Our mini chainsaw comes with 2X high-quality lithium batteries that lasts longer than most batteries on the market.


Dual-Button Start for Safety

Prioritizing user safety, the MA2 features a dual-button start mechanism. Users must press both the start and safety buttons simultaneously, preventing accidental starts and adding an extra layer of security to the chainsaw's operation. Enjoy peace of mind while handling this powerful tool.

What Makes our mini Chainsaw unique

One Handed operation

This chainsaw is really light, only weighing 2 pounds. You can easily handle it with just one hand, so it's super easy to use. Whether you're cutting branches or firewood, this chainsaw is designed to be lightweight and simple to operate with one hand.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-18 at 06.04.41_83ba1518.jpg__PID:337fa048-a40e-469a-8d46-41dfdd1b043d

Robust Performance with Pure Copper Motor

Equipped with a robust pure copper motor, the MA2 delivers exceptional performance, boasting a chain speed of 19 ft/s. Cut through 6-inch thick branches in mere seconds, saving both time and effort. This powerhouse is versatile, ready to tackle any challenge you throw its way.

With Easy Adjust Chain Tensioner

Our chainsaw comes with an easy-adjust chain tensioner. You can tighten or loosen the chain by turning it clockwise or anticlockwise. It does not require additional tools, like wrinch or Screwdriver making it super easy to use

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-18 at 06.04.40_df2b8f28.jpg__PID:e3337fa0-48a4-4ef6-9a4d-4641dfdd1b04

Product in action

How to use Taranzy MB2 Chain Saw

Easy As One, Two, Three!


Preparation and Safety


Battery Installation

Starting and Cutting


Shutdown and Maintenance

Why Taranzy MA2 chainsaw?


Satisfaction Guarantee

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